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This web-based app helps us get to know the talent across our very own Humanise collective. People share specific abilities, interests and experiences (instead of just technical skills) and just like that - deeper collaboration!

Pulse by Humanise

Strategy and UX / Branding / UI / Web app development

Talent doesn’t just magically mobilize itself. It takes the right people, and the right platform.

Growing pains!

Our very own Humanise Collective grew quickly to include over 250 people across two cities. But we realized that to really start co-creating effectively, we needed a platform that let us access all our folks across all entities in a quick and easy way.

Playing matchmaker

We wanted to create more than just an internal LinkedIn. We dreamed up a platform so that people can share their interests, where synergies come to life and opportunities are revealed. Mission accomplished!

Power to the people

A great example of using collaboration and design thinking to create a truly useful platform for our people, built to answer a singular need: better collaboration.

So… like what you’re seeing?

Let’s get to work!Let’s get to work!Let’s get to work!Let’s get to work!